Cat was always one of the most available and ready to help mentors I worked with and provided incredibly valuable insights when I knew nothing.

Entering as a woman into any career path that is male dominated can be daunting but Cat helped me become confident that I could make it in this space regardless of my gender or how I look. She was patient, understanding, and kept her guidance for the trainees structured while still giving us time to ask any questions we had. 

Since leaving the program she has still been communicative and reliable to respond if I have needed anything and I would highly recommend her as a mentor or consultant for any team or trainee.

Interview Prep + Linkedin Revamp


Cat coached and guided me through a world that was completely new to me. With her guidance, I learned how to nail interviews, navigate multiple job offers and salary negotiations, and ultimately land a job at my dream company. Cat’s knowledge of the industry and how it ticks makes her an incredible asset to anyone taking that next step in their career.

Full Career Package


With Cat’s guidance and time, I was able to land my first SDR role! She helped me practice with mock interviews and gave great feedback. I found it really comfortable to speak with her and ask questions. Not only did I get the job, but also had one of the best interviews of my career so far. 

Her advice to ‘try to have a great conversation’ was huge. So simple but I needed to hear that and it made a world of difference! I sat in my second interview with them and thought of what you said, had the best interview ever, and I know for a fact that pushed me over the edge and got me the job. Highly recommend going to her for interview prep!

Interview Prep


Cat is highly skilled and knowledgeable not only with the current sales industry and new age selling in 2023 but also how to land a killer sales job. She knows what current companies are looking for with new hires. She is able to coach and mentor individuals on the skills it takes to be successful in sales.

Job Search Package + Sales Package