Your Career Doesn’t Have to Crush Your Soul

Everyone’s seen the Hallmark movie of the big city woman who’s personality is her job until she suddenly moves to the middle of nowhere, meets the man of her dreams, and is swept off her feet by small town charm and simplicity. What if you could have the job, AND have a fulfilling life so that you don’t have to convalesce by the sea to be able to tolerate the next 3 months at work? It’s attainable, and I can help you find it. 


Skydiver, Paraglider, Recovering Fitness Addict, and Your Biggest Supporter 

I’m here because I failed. 

I was a high-performing people pleaser that never said no, went to the “good” schools, got the “good” jobs, excelled in them, and was slowly dying inside. 

I left my cushy corporate gig to follow my dream of opening my own barre studio, and I failed. I had three glorious years of making my studio my entire identity before a year-long construction project slowly bled me of any profit. I was anxious 24/7, didn't sleep, and had panic attacks every day. My biggest fear was failure and my dream job was actually a nightmare. 

The day I admitted defeat was one of the best of my life. I quit and it saved me. I learned that failure was actually a gift, and I started to rebuild. 

Fast forward four years- my career is now a vessel that allows me to live a fulfilling life. I travel often, love hard, and close my laptop at the end of the day without a thought for my job. 

It’s been a journey to get to a place where I am financially and physically free from the constraints of my old work-life, and now, I help other people do the same. I’m here to help you liberate yourself. I use all of the tools and knowledge I’ve gained from my multiple successful career paths as well the failed ones to help you unearth what’s possible. 

When we work together...

We curate a custom path of what fulfillment looks like to you. 

We dive deep to identify and name what is important to you in your career 

We create actionable plans on how to get there from search tools to boundary-setting with managers 

We’re a team; we both put in work and I help guide you to the best option along the way 

The wholehearted approach...

The wholehearted approach...

I call Utah home and you can find me hiking, skiing, or flying off a mountain most days. When I’m not in Utah (aka half the time), I’m adventuring around the outdoors anywhere from the Western US to Slovenia.



I jump out of perfectly good airplanes on a regular basis. I promise I won’t convince you to take up skydiving, but I will enable you to invest in your own rig if that’s your cup of tea. 


I’m an introvert that thrives on deep human connection. I love getting to know people on a personal level and that’s at the core of everything I do professionally.


one of the most available & ready to help mentors 

Cat was always one of the most available and ready to help mentors I worked with and provided incredibly valuable insights when I knew nothing.

Entering as a woman into any career path that is male dominated can be daunting but Cat helped me become confident that I could make it in this space regardless of my gender or how I look. She was patient, understanding, and kept her guidance for the trainees structured while still giving us time to ask any questions we had.

Since leaving the program she has still been communicative and reliable to respond if I have needed anything and I would highly recommend her as a mentor or consultant for any team or trainee."
Maren E.

I learned how to land a job at my dream company

"Cat coached and guided me through a world that was completely new to me. With her guidance, I learned how to nail interviews, navigate multiple job offers and salary negotiations, and ultimately land a job at my dream company. Cat’s knowledge of the industry and how it ticks makes her an incredible asset to anyone taking that next step in their career."
Nora C.

Not only did I get the job, but also had one of the best interviews of my career so far

“With Cat’s guidance and time, I was able to land my first SDR role! She helped me practice with mock interviews and gave great feedback. I found it really comfortable to speak with her and ask questions. Not only did I get the job, but also had one of the best interviews of my career so far. Highly recommend going to her for interview prep!”
Rylee M.

She knows what current companies are looking for 

"Cat is highly skilled and knowledgeable not only with the current sales industry and new age selling in 2023 but also how to land a killer sales job. She knows what current companies are looking for with new hires. She is able to coach and mentor individuals on the skills it takes to be successful in sales."
Cori Z.

Now that we know each other...